Hands All Over Music Video PREMIER!

In early December 2010, it was said briefly  that the group would be making a video for their upcoming single, formly known as "Stutter". Now, it is said that a track from the album called "Hands All Over" would be a possible third single to the titled Hands All Over album. However, it stays remained that "Stutter" may be a possible single off the album that will to be released around early 2011. Updates and news have changed in the past month or two about "Stutter" and more information about "Hands All Over" is coming out fast out-of the media!

Maroon 5 premiered the video for "Hands All Over" on December 22nd, 2010 on their website & YouTube channel. On December 23rd, 2010 it was released on Yahoo! Music and other Flash Player websites. The video, for now, is only viewable for viewers that have contained the power of the link and, at the moment, invisible to viewers that would, say, "search it on YouTube".

The link for the video is below! Merry Christmas:



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