Women's Health Mag Interview

The following is an interview with Adam Levine, for the Women's Health magazine, in which he comments on texting, sensitivity and women:
What Men Think: Adam Levine The latest album by Adam Levine with Maroon 5 is called 'Hands All Over'. But the lead singer of 31 years is a perfect gentleman.
You're so sensitive to their compositions suggest? Absolutely. I like to be open and sensitive. Leaving vulnerable is a big step, especially for a guy. It makes you feel great, but also puts you in the pain pathway.
Technology such as messaging, help or hinder the connection of a couple? Messages have a wrong image. It's the best thing in the world because you do not talk much on the phone! You can show your concern about how the person is or say 'Hi, I wanted to say I love you. "It is a fantastic way to be creative with his writing. No different than a love letter.
What is the key to a good relationship? Accept who the person is and not hide how you really are, and you'll be fine.
What still confuses you about women? Everything. Men and women are completely different creatures. The quest to discover each is what makes life so interesting. Most of the time men are much simpler on worries - we have not analyzed them as much as women. There are just some things that people care about: Xbox, sex, food, peace and tranquility.


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