Be a part of the biggest experiment in rock history.
Join Maroon 5 and Coca-Cola as they tear down the virtual walls of the recording studio and invite you to help create an original song, from start to finish, in just 24 hours.
Lyrics, riffs and rhythms will be inspired by you, the fan. With an all-access pass, you'll weigh-in throughout the process. At the end of 24 hours, you'll have helped create a new Maroon 5 track to share with the world.
So RSVP to get your virtual seat in the studio, and be a part of Coca-Cola Music on March 22.

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  1. Ohh My Gyaad....I love Maroon 5, I bet you hear that from everyone, but ii seriously do..and no...not just you Mr. Adam Levine...all of you, i just wish i knew how you were in real life, hope ur not douches.. you guys should visit Seattle more often, i have never seen you live, but i havent really seen much in my life anyway. Im Hanna From Seattle, and i am a huge fan. I was wondering if you guys would come to my high school (which i know is impossible with your busy schedules..just throwin it out there). I would say where my school is but i know my friend the internet too well (i've seen the craigslist killer).. so yeah, you guys are total awsomeness and if one of you emailed me, or even read this, i would be super honored. email: slapintheface113@hotmail.com I could give a crap if anyone else sees it, i never use it.

    Ps: Disregard the blogger account pic and name, i only ever used blogger for a school project thing


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