Maroon 5 New Album Finished by Next Year


Currently on tour with Train, Maroon 5 expect to release an album next year. The band’s popularity has grown as a result of frontman Adam Levine’s role on ‘The Voice.’
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Adam Levine’s stint on The Voice put Maroon 5 back in the spotlight. Currently on tour with Train, the band recently released “Moves Like Jagger,” a single featuring Christina Aguilera, and wants to put out a new album by next year, according to guitarist James Valentine in an interview with Billboard.
Valentine told the magazine that, in terms of recording, they’ve always taken a slower approach in the past. Because of The Voice, however, they want to get out a new recording sooner: "We've sort of taken our time with our last two studio albums, for a couple of different reasons. But this time, we're going to turn around a lot quicker and hopefully have something out by next year, earlier next year. We've got a mobile recording rig. We're gonna try to start writing songs while we're out here on tour, so hopefully that'll go well. We have literally hundreds of ideas that can become Maroon 5 songs. [...] You can do a tremendous amount with just your laptop. We basically carry studios around in our backpacks, so we're always able to create no matter where we are -- literally on airplanes, on buses and a lot of hotel rooms."
Debuting on The Voice, “Moves Like Jagger” was originally intended for their upcoming record, but the group decided to release it separately and perform it on the television show. The track, as well, has been part of their setlist on tour: "[I]t's a great addition to our live set, too. It's been a lot of fun to play. [...] It's kind of exciting just in that there can be that fast of a turnaround and that you can put out a song that fast, and we're so happy that people have been responding to it. We were thinking about maybe just saving it for our next record, but there was this opportunity to put it out and play it on 'The Voice,' so we thought, 'Let's just throw this out to the world,' and it's really been exploding."
Aside from recording, the band has seen their exposure grow as a result of Levine’s time and success on the reality television show: "There's been a huge bounce for us. We were really nervous about the show. It didn't seem very cool to us when we first heard about it, and we were really worried. But it turned out to be such a great thing. You're exposed to a whole new audience, and now every day somebody comes up to me and says, 'I didn't really know your band, but then I saw Adam on the show and I went back and bought the records, and I really like them.' So it's been great."
There new video for "Moves Like Jagger" was released two weeks ago. Check it out below:

Written by Irene Test, writer at KOvideo.


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