Maroon 5 'Wipe Your Eyes' Track Leaked, Prod. by J.R. Rotem

Check out this 'new' Maroon 5 track called "Wipe Your Eyes" which surfaced on the Internet moments ago - It's said to be produced by J.R. Rotem (Jason Derulo, Iyaz), and word has it, "Wipe Your Eyes" may appear on the next Maroon 5 album to be released later in 2012. The leaked song is clearly a demo, and it's not the full thing. We only get 2 minutes, and there are obviously a bridge, and a last chorus/outro missing. Now, am I liking "Wipe Your Eyes"? It's not Maroon 5's best work, but I'm enjoying it. There's something about the 'chipmunks' (oh na na) sample that I'm loving, lol, and the melody, and verses are pretty cool too. The chorus is a bit blah. Overall, it's solid pop number, but would only work as album track, never a single.



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