Maroon 5 Takes Home No Grammy for 2012

Tony Bennett, Amy Winehouse Collaborations Wins Best Pop Performance Over Maroon 5, Coldplay

Maroon 5 among other great bands and groups such as Coldplay, The Black Keys and others bowed down to the overall, unexpected win of "Body & Soul" by Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse as they won the Grammy Award last night for Best Pop Performance by a Duo/Group at the 2012 GRAMMY Awards ceremony. A poll of that had fans and readers vote for their predictions for who they wanted to win certain categories at the Grammy Awards a few days earlier showed that Maroon 5's mega-smash radio hit "Moves Like Jagger" featuring singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera would win with 47.3% of overall votes as Bennett's classic "Body & Soul" only had 15% of all votes. As unexpecting as last year's Best Pop Duo/Group Performance win went over as Train won for "Hey Soul Sister" over the likes of Maroon 5, that time for "Misery", and Glee's "Don't Stop Believin'" Journey cover? Or was it expected and un-surprising as Tony and Amy take home this year's Best Pop Performance award? 

For better news for the Grammy Award nominees Maroon 5, they performed live with other Grammy nominated band Foster the People on a special live stage performance to reunite the one and only Beach Boys and all on one stage! A great choice of bands and vocalists to sing with the legendary group. 

Also Maroon 5 sent our some "teasing" news as the group is currently working in the studio with the likes of Matt Wallace and Eric Valentine on a fourth studio album release for 2013. It was confirmed on the Red Carpet the evening of the 2012 Grammy Awards on February 12, 2012 with FuseTV. You can watch the brief interview below:


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