Jesse Carmichael Responds to Overwhelming Fans

Jesse Carmichael Temporarily Leaving Maroon 5, Fans Weigh In

Yesterday evening, Maroon 5 sent out a note card on Facebook and their official website confirming the disbanding of long-time keyboardist and backing vocals for the group Maroon 5. 

"Hello Everyone, 
Maroon 5 here with an official announcement that our keyboardist Jesse Carmichael will be taking a temporary break from the band to pursue more full time studies in music and the healing arts while the rest of us, including PJ Morton (who will continue to tour with the group) make the fourth album and take it on the road. Jesse is looking forward to coming back to record and perform with us after this break for the the next album. 
We love Jesse, and wish him nothing but the best on his time off! If you want to keep up with what he's doing during this time check him out at @jrcarmichael on twitter. Now we gotta get back into the studio and get to work! Thanks for all your love and support." 

Jesse Carmichael took it to Twitter yesterday evening as well after the news was let out of his temporary let-go. 

"Just signed on and saw all the love and support" he says, "You guys are awesome. Family is forever. The future is bright! More soon." Also thanking god it's Friday and concluding the text with a signatrue "jrc." It is clear that the group is coating the subject more in a better sense, since Carmichael is leaving 1- Not for good. And 2- Leaving for solo projects of his OWN. That'd be interesting to hear new material from him.

P.J. Morton, who has been touring with the band for years and years to come, is now a temporary officiant of the group as long as Carmichael is departed. P.J took it to Twitter as well yesterday getting overwhelming responses from tweeters and fans simply tweeting "Love." Morton has a new track out titled "Heavy" off of his upcoming solo EP album Following My First Mind featuring frontman Adam Levine. You can click here to listen to the song!


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