Justin Bieber Jokes About Adam Levine Forming 'Super Group', Adam Hints New Maroon 5 Material is 'Icing on the cake'

On Twitter yesterday evening there was some talk about this #supergroup teen pop star Justin Bieber was to form with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. It turns out throughout an anticipated amount of overwhelming tweets and talk about it the Biebs joked a "yo   looks like our  is the #1 TT in the world. our fans are ready for us. is the world ready?" Later, a tweet by Justin stated the Adam Levine had... "left" this supergroup tweeting "wait!  what the hell happened to ??  ? NEW ANNOUNCEMENT" making fans and followers confused about the subject, now thinking that the videos posted to Twitter via twitvid were announcements of Levine, Kenny Hamilton, and Bieber dropping out of their own boy band. He later finally tweets:  "WOW. 7 Minutes! I thought we were better than that." 

Followers and fans of both Justin Bieber and Adam Levine were giving their strong, ravishing opinions on the rumors of a collaboration, whether there really is one or not, saying that either it'd be a very unique and interesting pop track if they would have, and that it would of been a major "upset" if Levine were to work with the teen star. 

Well now that this week-long hype has ended there will not be a boy band between Kenny, Adam, and Justin, however, whether their is a track that Justin Bieber will feature Adam on or not is still at question.

Adam Levine took it to Twitter in the evening of March 15th saying that he is in the mist of recording new material with and for the band Maroon 5. He says "Can't stop smiling. This new song is icing on the cake," and than jokes "A John Hughs moment...ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" More information on Maroon 5's new record will be updates on twitter.com/m5newsroom and facebook.com/m5newsroom! Follow us!


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