Maroon 5 Makes Billboard History With 'Payphone' On Pop Songs Chart

Maroon 5's newly anticipated album, Overexposed, ready to drop June 26th, is already getting some love from the industry. The band's new single, and lead single off the album, "Payphone", featuring rapper Wiz Khalifa, made Billboard history this week on the Billboard charts as it debuted on the Billboard Top Pop Songs chart at No. 21. The is apparently the highest any track ha bowed on the chart since N'Sync's single "Pop" debuted at the same position on the chart in 2001. Nice job Maroon 5, we have a feeling that you will be topping charts, even, with this one. 

Rumour has it that the band's next single will be a promotional release on the song "One More Night" which may be set to come out on May 18th next month. Whether the details on this release is one-hundred percent true is un-clear, but on U.K. blogs and Wikipedia notes it states that the track will indeed be released digitally in the next coming month before the expected date of the release of their fourth album in June.

The video for the song "Payphone" was just filmed last week in southern California where it seemed like Adam Levine, frontman and coach on NBC's hit show The Voice, was having yet another tough time with his mate (in the video). Posting pictures of him running down the street with a bloody lip and blood stained clothes and riding in a car maybe in a high-speed-chase. If you want to see these photos you can click here!


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