Maroon 5 See Success With 'Hands All Over' On Billboard Charts

Promotional album cover for Hands All Over.
In 2010, the Grammy Award-winning pop rock group Maroon 5 released their third studio album Hands All Over. In October 2010, the album saw success peaking at number-two on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. This week on iTunes Store the band lowered the price to $6.99 on the album making it gain in digital sales this week; jumping from 65-23 and re-entering the Billboard Digital Albums chart at number 12.

Maroon 5 saw major success last week with their single "Payphone", featuring Wiz Khalifa, as it debuted on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 singles chart at No. 3. That, of course, is the highest debut on the chart in the states in the band's 10-year-history. The new pop-diverse track also seeks success on the Billboard Digital Songs chart entering at No. 1 with 440,000+ copies sold. The song this week falls 1-2 on the chart. Over on the Hot 100 the song remains at it's first entry (at No. 3). The song also debuted last week over on the Billboard Radio Songs chart at No. 36, and this week moving up to No. 19 (the highest gainer on the chart this week). The song also debuted last week on the Pop Songs chart at a whoppin' No. 21. This week it moves up a few to No. 17. And last but not least, over on the new Billboard chart, On-Demand Songs, the Overexposed lead single debuts at No. 13 out of the possible 50 positions making it the highest-gainer on the chart as well.

Grasping attention over to "Moves Like Jagger", featuring pop-star Christina Aguilera, the dance-pop single keeps slowly descending to the lower half of the Billboard Hot 100 as it falls 43-47 this week. It is also at No. 9 on the Adult Pop Songs chart, No. 12 on the Yahoo! Media Chart, No. 36 on the Radio Songs chart, and No. 38 on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 singles chart.


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