One More Night Confirmed As Next Single, Maroon 5 To Perform At Letterman

On May 18, the band performed a song live from their upcoming album Overexposed titled "One More Night", a reggae-fused pop tune, that is said to be confirmed as the band's next mainstream single following "Payphone", featuring Wiz. Yesterday, the band had a radio interview with 107.9 and confirmed the indeed the guitar-clique tune will be the next single. It will be released "prior to the record's release in June", as said Valentine, and that it will be playing on airplay stations by July.

 Also, in the interview and press conference, Mason of 107.9 said that "Love Somebody", a Ryan Tedder track, will have potential to be a single, as well as the funk-rock-tune "Doin' Dirt." Throughout the morning it was said that the songs that were most relatable in the album, reaching out to Maroon 5's main ground were "Daylight" and "Beautiful Goodbye."

Maroon 5 will be performing Live on Letterman on June 26th, the day of the album's U.S. release, as well. They will be promoting songs from the album. Make sure to tune into Letterman Tonight on June 26th, 2012!


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