Pre-Order 'Overexposed' & 'Songs About Jane Package' Today!

Maroon 5 will be unleashing a large amount of goodies for their fans this coming month kicking off the summer vacation season with lots of new music, posters, downloads, and more! The band will be releasing their newly anticipated fourth studio album Overexposed on June 22nd and will be releasing their 10 year anniversary edition of their debut album Songs About Jane. And now, on their official website, they are available for pre-order and shipping.

On the Songs About Jane: 10 Year Anniversary Package you can receive the 2 disc re-issue of the album which features all twelve of the original songs as well as their b-sides, demos, and exclusive, unreleased content. There's word that two new songs titled "Ragdoll" and "Chilly Winter" will be in the new release. A little something for old time Maroon 5 fans. It also comes with a limited edition lithography incorporating original art inspired by each track on the album. And you can order this all serperately for only $29.99 on!

You can also get the Overexposed Deluxe Package Deal for a round up cost of $69.99. It includes the original disc 'deluxe edition' ( + digital download), the vinyl cut of the album, and tee shirt, and an 'Overexposed' album cover for each and every track. For example you've seen "One More Night" and "Daylight"'s covers.

You can get all of this on Maroon 5's official webstore and homepage now! Just click HERE!

Watch Maroon 5's new music video for their hit single "Payphone", featuring Wiz Khalifa, below:

And download "Payphone" digitally on iTunes Store here!


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