Songs About Jane Pack Contains New Songs, 'Chilly Winter' & 'Ragdoll"

Maroon 5 is releasing their highly anticipated pop anthem of an album later next month titled Overexposed, however the group has another planned release earlier next month as well. As already confirmed, the band will be revealing their Songs About Jane: 10 Year Anniversary Boxset Pack on June 5, 2012. The track listing for both discs were revealed earlier this week on

New songs have been breached such as a funky show tune-vibe track titled "Chilly Winter." The song was never finished, therefor we will only hear the 5 minute demo version of the song. Another song called "Rag Doll" will feature on the album as well. However, with this song, it has been out for nearly a decade, as well as Songs About Jane as well. The track was featured in the Japanese bonus track version of the album in 2003.

For more information on the new release of Songs About Jane: The 10 Year Anniversary Boxset Pack, you can go to!


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