Maroon 5 Sample Rock N' Roll In New Prince Cover, Listen To 'Kiss' Full-Length

Maroon 5 is out and blazing hot with their new album Overexposed, which comes out fresh on June 26 in the States. On the album, the group brought back some rock 'n roll elements on a bonus track from the album that looks to be a Prince cover of his number one single "Kiss." The original song has a slight contemporary R&B and soul vibe, which you'd think the boys of Maroon 5 would appriciate and keep in their studio cover, but they revibe the tune with some classic 60's rock 'n roll and blues-y feeling. The track is featured as a bonus track on the album along with two remixes of the band's hit single "Payphone", featuring Wiz Khalifa, as well as the J.R. Rotem produced "Wipe Your Eyes" tune, and their SAJ era track "Wasted Years."

Listen to "Wasted Years" right now here:

Also, download the band's new single "One More Night" on iTunes now:

Pre-order the group's fourth album 'Overexposed' on iTunes as well:

Watch the behind-the-scenes video for "One More Night" on MTV here:


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