MTV Uploads 'One More Night' Video Teaser, New Music Video Out June 25

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We've seen Adam Levine, frontman of Maroon 5 and coach and mentor on The Voice U.S., get beat up up his own girlfriend, perform at an orgy, and run from the cops in his music videos, but Levine and the crew have reached what fans would call it... "a new level of awesomeness." MTV released a sneak peak clip of Maroon 5's up-and-coming "One More Night" music video which clearly shows Adam in a struggling marriage, involving a child, and getting paid to be a professional boxer? That's right! A boxer! In the teaser-clip it shows bassist Mickey Madden serving as the announcer ready-ing Levine's match with fellow percussionist Matt Flynn. But that's all the teaser "teases" us about. We will have to wait until June 25th!

"One More Night", a pop-rock, irresistible, reggae-jam, just recently released on June 19 via iTunes Store, serves as the band's second single apon the group's release of their fourth much-anticipated record, Overexposed, which drops June 22nd! You can download it on itunes today.

Download the band's new song "One More Night" on iTunes:

Check out the band's new leak from Overexposed titled "ladykiller" right now:


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