Songs About Jane 10 Year Anniversary Re-Issue Sells Big On iTunes, Celebrating 10 Years

Songs About Jane official re-issue album cover.
Maroon 5 is celebrating their eclectic, crazy ten years in the music industry with a re-issue of their debut record Songs About Jane, a defined pop-rock funk-rock fused collection of irresistibly brilliant songs. Spending thirty-seven weeks on the Billboard 200 albums chart, it peaked at number-six in the States, not to mention their success overseas reaching number-one in the United Kingdom and in Australia. The band has shown all sides of their talent; from the synthesized era of It Won't Be Soon Before Long to the funky tuned Hands All Over to the uptempo, electric rock that is Overexposed.

The band's debut release spawned several successful, eclectic singles. In 2002, the band came up-to-bat with their metal-fused hit "Harder to Breathe." In 2004, they released what would be their world-changing, hit "This Love" and in 2005, releasing their jazzy pop "Sunday Morning" track. But their most recognizable hit "She Will Be Loved" will forever change the way fans and pop radio tuners have an aspect on music today. The single won the band several awards and has been featured in commercials, movies, soundtracks, and has been one of the most covered songs in America. Their song "Must Get Out" and "Secret" is also one of the most demanded songs the band performed live back in their SAJ era and going into their IWBSBL era.

The band's second studio release, It Won't Be Soon Before Long, released in May of 2007, entered the Billboard 200 albums chart at number-one, being the bands first no. one album, and only being their second. The album spawned a few good pop-clique hits as well. The irresistible guitar-pop track "Makes Me Wonder", which peaked atop the Billboard Top Hot 100 singles' chart in 2007... and the funky-soul tune "Wake Up Call", which got the band a spot in the top ten in Canada.

The Grammy-Award winning group's third studio album, Hands All Over, is and probably always will be the band's most experienced album they will ever release. It may have done poorly commercially and was the band's lowest-selling album, debuting at number-two and falling out of the top ten in the States' by it's second week, but the album was much loved by fans and gained the crew tons of new fans as well. As specially with it's re-release in July 2011 with the inclusion of their forever-changing disco-pop track "Moves Like Jagger." It got the album 20,000+ digital sales that summer launching it into the top ten on the Billboard 200 and number-one on the Digital Albums chart.

SAJ Lithography.
We have come to an exciting stop at the await of the band's fourth studio album Overexposed, which is set to drop in retail on June 26nd. We have gotten a little taste though, however, with the surprise performance of the reggae-pop song "One More Night" live in Atlantic City, New Jersey and the leak of "Wipe Your Eyes", which will serve as a b-side to "Daylight" on the album. And not to mention the number one digital selling song of the decade (so far...) "Payphone", featuring rapper Wiz Khalifa. We can expect a year of success from the group in the coming months.

Meanwhile, you can download the new Songs About Jane: 10 Year Anniversary Edition on iTunes Store now, including never before heard demos and unreleased tracks from the band. You can pre-order the band's upcoming album Overexposed as well on iTunes!

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