Adam Levine Says 'We Needed to Change to Carry on Being Successful' on Overexposed

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine says the band's renewed success is due in part to him giving himself a "reality check" and stepping back from trying to control everything while making their new album 'Overexposed'.

The singer says the band are "much more clear" as a group now that he has relinquished some control over the music, and says Maroon 5 needed that change in order to carry on being a successful band.

"We were due a change," Adam told the Daily Star this week. "I used to be very controlling of the writing process before, but me checking my ego at the door has proved to be for the better. "Who we are is much more clear as a band now."

Maroon 5 released their latest album 'Overexposed' last month, and 'One More Night' star Adam says the group had been disappointed with the performance of their 2010 release 'Hands All Over' and changed their focus as a result.

"That was a disappointment," Adam also told Q magazine. "I blame, partially, myself because my ego was getting in the way. "I wanted to be at the helm of every aspect of every tiny thing," he explained. "It got to the point where there was a really good reality check. This record was struggling so, you know, what can we do differently."


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