James Valentine 'more focused than we've ever been' On Planned Fifth Album

James Valentine (left) and Adam Levine (right).
As announced last week, pop rockers Maroon 5 are already planning a fifth studio album in the next year, planning to hit the studio and record "more of our ground base material, like our IWBSBL and SAJ era." James Valentine, guitarist of the group and co-writer for the band's newest hit "One More Night", released a statement earlier last week stating that him and crew were "most focused than we've ever been."

"I think we're more focused than we've ever been, and all we really are interested in doing now is working on music. Usually we'd be on tour and have fun and come back home and use that time to make a record. Now I think we're just at a point where we feel like there's more music in us than that. I always have my laptop with my recording interface, and there's usually always a few things I'm working on at any given point. So, yeah, we're working on a lot of stuff. I think the next recording's going to be ready a lot sooner than our previous records. We will definetly be touching base on our more gorund base material, like our IWBSBL and SAJ era." 
- James Valentine billboard.com.

The band is currently two singles in, and working on releasing a third, into their new album, Overexposed, released fresh off the market June 26th with the lead single "Payphone", featuring Wiz Khalifa, topping the Billboard Pop and Radio Songs charts and "One More Night" climbing its way up the Billboard Hot 100. You can download the band's new album on Amazing right now for only $4.99! CLICK HERE!


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