Music Mondays: Tristan Prettyman Returns to Radio with 'My Oh My' Single

Hey guys! We are doing a new weekly blog every Monday called 'Music Mondays. Other bands and artists on Twitter and other social networks are becoming more fluent in the subject, helping promote up and coming or undiscovered talents who's music is more relevant to their sound and what might their fans like.

Last week, we introduced the up-and-coming rap pop artist who made it to the finals on The X Factor last year, mister Chris Rene. For more on him go click here to check him out! This week we are bringing a San Diego, California native to the table. Born Tristan Prettyman on May 23, 1982, she first stormed the adult radio scene in 2005 with her debut major label record, Twentythree. In 2006, it was announced that Jason Mraz had engaged Prettyman, but the knot was broken in 2010 after an interview Mraz had with a celebrity magazine. She released her second album, titled Hello, on April 15, 2008 and stormed the charts peaking at No. 27 on the Albums chart. 

She is releasing her first album in four years this year, on September 25, titled Cedar and Gold. The album's lead single "My Oh My" was released earlier this summer and has been in the top ten on the charts on iTunes Store ever since. It is seeking success on adult contemporary radio and she is finally gaining her ground as a musician. 

Go buy her new single "My Oh My" on iTunes Store right now:

Listen to her single "My Oh My" right now below:


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