One More Night - Live It, Feel It, Request It

Maroon 5 has been in the game for over a decade now, since their issue of Songs About Jane in 2002, and their breakthrough hits "This Love" and "Harder to Breathe" began earning credit. Now, today the band has went from the funk rock punks that are now musical gentlemen who create more... modern contemporary music. Currently storming the charts right now is their single "Payphone", which features rapper Wiz Khalifa, which has topped radio, pop, and demanded charts across the world. With the release of their fourth CD, Overexposed, which came out late last month, the band released "One More Night", a reggae funk jam, this month which is currently sky rocketing the radio waves. The song was written Adam Levine and Max Martin, who also produced the tune, and was composed by musical genius Shellback. The video for the song premiered on MTV June 25th. Live the song and never stop embrassing it. Feel it, dance and rock out to the song as much as possible, and REQUEST IT. Make it big! Call in your local stations and demand it. Support Maroon 5.

Live It, Feel It, Request It.

Watch Adam and James of Maroon 5 talk about the new single below:


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