Overexposed Slides 2-4 On Billboard Albums Chart, Chris Brown Takes Over

Maroon 5's official album art cover for 'Overexposed.'
Maroon 5 's long awaited fourth CD came out out two weeks ago for the world to see and as far as reviews go, the album has shown moderate success. The pop-influenced album shows a different moderate success, however, than the band's third CD, Hands All Over, released in September 2010, which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart and fell hard at No. 10 by the second week. Overexposed debuted last week at No. 2 on the tally, but falls only two spots to No. 4 in it's second week. Justin Bieber's new album, Believe, makes a standstill at No. 3 and Kenny Chesney makes an appearance at No. 2 with Chris Brown's new album, Fortune, the follow-up to his 2011 No. 1 titled F.A.M.E, debuting atop the chart. Overexposed sold 68,000 copies in it's second retail week. Hands All Over's second week in sales only sold 17,000 copies. 

It's also no doubt that Chris Brown's new number-one appearance on the chart this coming sales week has also garenteed a spot atop the Billboard Digital Albums chart, possibly pushing Overexposed back only a spot to No. 2, as it did top the tally last week, entering at number-one. The album's lead single "Payphone", featuring Wiz Khalifa, remains at No. 3 on the Digital Songs chart and stays at number-three on the Billboard Hot 100. Whether it will continue atop the Radio Songs chart and Pop Songs charts will be confirmed this Thursday (July 12).

The band recently confirmed that they would be touring the U.S. early next year throughout the year across the States. Ticket sales will be up this coming fall! Look out for them! For upcoming shows check out www.maroon5.com/shows!

Download the band's new album 'Overexposed' now on iTunes here: 

Go download Maroon 5's music video for their latest hit "One More Night" on iTunes as well:


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