'Payphone' Tops Billboard On-Demand Singles Chart

Maroon 5 attending the 2012 Grammy Awards in February, 2012.

Maroon 5 has blasted on to the scene this week charting big with their fresh, off-the-market fourth studio release, Overexposed, which came out June 26th. Overexposed topped the Billboard Digital Albums chart this week and fell shortly behind the number-one claimers Linkin Park this week at number-two on the U.S. Billboard 200 Albums chart (Linkin Park's Living Things topped the chart). And the pop rock quintet may not have the top spot on the albums chart, but the group most definitely topped a few other charts this week.

The band's 'Overexposed' lead single "Payphone", featuring Phili rapper Wiz Khalifa, showed up atop the Billboard Pop Songs chart moving 2-1. It also slipped 3-1 on the Billboard Radio Songs chart and moved 3-1 on the On-Demand Chart, making it the "best selling marketed single" to date. And yes, the band still currently holds the number-one place-holder on the Canadian Hot 100 singles chart. The band's 2011 number-one hit single "Moves Like Jagger" is surely seeking progress climbing back up the Billboard Digital Songs chart... jumping a whoppin' 58-42. And moving along the more recent terms, the band's second 'Overexposed' single "One More Night", the reggae-raving Benny Blanco-produced tune fell 12-31 on the Digital Songs chart and stayed at No. 62 on the Billboard's Top 100 singles chart.

The group's new pop-influenced record topped the Billboard Digital Albums chart and came in second on the Top 200 Albums chart. What next? The band's third album, their 2010 studio release Hands All Over, regained on the Billboard 200 chart jumping 115-37! That's nearly one-hundred placeholders. Good job boys!

Help the band top the Billboard 200 chart and download Overexposed now on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/overexposed-deluxe-edition/id536297108

Download the band's music video for their new single "One More Night" on iTunes as well: http://itunes.apple.com/us/music-video/one-more-night/id536244527


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