Adam Levine Announces U.S. Tour In Early 2013, Argentina & Paraguay to Follow

Maroon 5 to Tour in U.S. in Early 2013, Paraguay to Follow

Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5, shared a few minutes with CNN in Spanish before the second concert of their world tour "Overexposed" , that the grouping of Brentwood began in Mexico, first in Monterrey and then in Mexico City.

Levine said he was very happy to return to Mexico after four years of absence from the stage of the country, said the reception from the fans in Mexico is always splendid and said that Mexico is one of the countries where they like to play.

Maroon 5 offered on Sunday a concert for 2,500 people who participated in the campaign community action " sharing time "or" Share Yourself "organized by Buchanan's, and Levine was very happy that Maroon 5 has been chosen to reward work of the thousands of volunteers who spent hours of their time to fix schools in poor communities.

Levine also said he is not interested what the critics say about the album "Overexposed" after some brand him as an irregular product, because, he said, the fans are happy with the album and that's what matters.

Maroon 5 continue their Latin American tour with concerts in Peru, Brazil, and Chile. The frontman also announced that he will be touring along with his band mates in the United States in early 2013 before next summer, along with Argentina and Paraguay. "We are excited to get back home and play in L.A. It's my hometown. A lot of my favorite places to play are in the U.S. so yes, we are very excited."

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