Lucky Strike 'Voice' Ad Spikes Digital Sales, Could Be Next 'Overexposed' Radio Single

"Lucky Strike" is probably one of the biggest names of Maroon 5's newest pop envy-influences album, Overexposed, which dropped June 26th, that isn't titled as a single. But will it sell as a single? Over the past week conspiracy's have been floating it's way through the web saying that the next big Maroon 5 hit would be the Coldplay-sounding pop rock tune "Daylight", produced by frontman Adam Levine and Max Martin. However, just this past weekend it was rumored by amateur news blogs in the United Kingdom that the Noah "Mailbox" Passavoy-produced adult pop song "The Man Who Never Lied" wold serve as the next single from the album following the current hit "One More Night", which currently holds at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Earlier today, producer Noel Zancanella said that their only produced track on the album "Lucky Strike" spiked major digital downloads this week on iTunes and that it's role as a promotional single on 'The Voice' ad that NBC airs has boosted it's placement as a single. Zancanella also said apparently the track would be "perfect for people to dance too" and that "'s a song everyone can get along with. It's very catchy." 

Right now, Maroon 5 is making great success with their second biggest single of the year "One More Night" selling over 10,000 digital copies this week boosting it's chart position on the Billboard Hot 100 up from 3-2 surpassing Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" single from her album Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection. 

So could "Lucky Strike" serve as the next single? Or could it just be another false act spreading across the web? What are your opinions on the new single rumors? Tweet us at @M5NewsRoom on Twitter!


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