'The Man Who Never Lied' Video To Be Directed by Jonus Akerlund

Maroon 5 is two singles in to their new fourth album release, Overexposed, with two top three hits and a top selling single of the year. The band was set to release their rumored-to-be third Overexposed single titled "Daylight", following "Payphone", featuring Wiz Khalifa, and "One More Night, however yesterday Adam Levine composed a tweet quoting: 

Adam Levine's followers speculated that the tweet was leaning more towards the speculation that he would be shooting the music video for "Daylight", however earlier this morning a photo was floating around the web via Instagram, of a director's board showing "The Man Who Lever Lied" featuring J. Akerlund and P. Ekberg. Could this video Maroon 5 is filming be the music video for "The Man Who Never Lied?" Well, doesn't this flush everything that brought us to believe that "Daylight" was going to serve as the next single down the toilet?

Also, a Maroon 5 fan blog announced earlier this evening that the band will be revealing the video over VEVO, a free music video streaming website, later this year.

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