'Harder to Breathe' Faces 'She Will Be Loved' on Second Week of Battle of the Songs

Now that our blog has dropped our older subjects, Trivia Sundays and Music Mondays, we are launching a new segment. Battle of the Songs is a simple, weekly, fan friendly way for Maroon 5 die hard fans to fight for their favorite song to dominate for the week! All you have to do is participate on Twitter every Friday on our official newsroom page.

Well, it looks like week one is over! We paired up Maroon 5's first two singles "Harder to Breathe" and "This Love" against each other to see what track fans would keep as the dominating single for the week. With 63% of all votes (according to Twitter and web polls) we found that "Breathe" dominated! 

This week we are pairing up the next single "She Will Be Loved" against this week's dominating single "Harder to Breathe." What song will win this week? The first week champ; "Breathe"? Or will one of Maroon 5's most favored singles "She Will Be Loved" throw "Breathe" off of the throne?


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