Jesse Carmichael To 'Join Back Up' For Next Album

Jesse Carmichael 'Joining After Tour' to Record New Album

Jesse Carmichael took it to Twitter this evening (Oct. 10th) to confirm his returning to Maroon 5 as keyboardist and backing vocalist.

Earlier this year, back in early March, Carmichael announced that he would be tacking an indefinite break from his not-so-secured spot in the band. Just weeks later, the band released their pop rap hit "Payphone", featuring Wiz Khalifa. He stated in his tweet that he'd be returning to Maroon 5 after the band toured throughout the states and were going to enter the studio to record more material next year.

Over the passed few months, Carmichael started writing and recording his own music under the alias of 1863. His one song "I Just Needed Some More Time" gained much recognition from his YouTube channel.


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