'Daylight' Climbs Up Pop Songs Chart

Due to Billboard's Christmas delay in recording data, rankings were not released first thing this morning (Thurs, Dec. 27).

Maroon 5's third single "Daylight" seems to be crawling it's way up the Billboard charts as it debuted a couple weeks back on the Billboard Pop Songs chart and this week climbing 25-19 on the tally. Over on the  Billboard Hot 100, "Daylight" jumps 58-46, on its third week on the top one hundred. The band's former Hot 100 No. 1 single "One More Night" however is slowly descending on the chart as it falls 5-7, allowing Justin Bieber's "Beauty and a Beat", featuring Nicki Minaj, move up 7-5, replacing positions, and Ke$ha's "Die Young" single fell 2-4 on the tally.

For "Daylight", on other chart notes, it jumps 25-19 on he Billboard Pop Songs chart, leaps 52-38 on the Billboard Radio Songs chart, moves up eight spots from 48-40 on the Digital Songs chart, moving up 33-26 on the Canadian Hot 100, and slowly drifting up 23-20 on the Billboard Adult Pop Songs chart. "Daylight"'s overall chart reception this week has gathered it's best rally yet and keeps improving each week. For the band's previous No. 1 hit "One More Night", the single also falls from 5-7 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart, stays put at No. 4 on the Radio Songs chart, descends from 10-12 on the On-Demand Songs chart, a non-mover at No. 22 on the Adult Contemporary Songs chart, falls 11-14 on the Canadian Hot 100, and falls a single spot from 3-4 on the Adult Pop Songs chart. "Night's" overall chart reception this week has gathered yet a less expensive, or successful, chart ranking this week on any charts.

Maroon 5's third studio album Hands All Over, still kicking it in the top 200 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, moves up 133-120 on the tally, as the band's newest pop album Overexposed, ascends 31-28 on the tally. Over on the Canadian Albums chart, due to holiday online sales in Canada, the album re-enters the top 25 at No. 18.

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