Maroon 5's Daylight Music Video, What People Are Saying

Maroon 5 Dropped the Video, Now Fans Weigh In!

Maroon 5 dropped their "Daylight" music video yesterday (Mon, Dec. 10) on E! News and later uploaded it to VEVO. The video revolved around fans and people who had a message relative to standing up for yourself or being yourself or even stating what they love or hate. The music video is approximately 9 minutes long, and yet still didn't show any appearances of the five band members. Did that upset many people? Of course it did.

The video overall embedded a remarkable and beautiful vision to viewers as stories were told of (for example) a young man explaining his incident of becoming gay, and a woman who battled cancer and goes through the everyday struggle of cancer's effects. B96Radio tweeted about the video saying "Maroon 5 debuted their fan-friendly music video Daylight..", they continued saying "it's so inspirational! Try not to be moved by it." AOL Music posted on their Twitter account today saying "Maroon 5's new video [Daylight] is  crowd-sourcing and spirited!" Hell, we even tweeted saying that "it was the most beautiful music video of all time" at yesterday's premiere on E!

Here are what some proud Maroon 5 fans are saying over the internet as well:

You can watch the music video for Maroon 5's "Daylight" below!

"Daylight is the BEST music video that Maroon 5 has ever released! I'm so proud to be a Marooner. I'm so proud to be part of this family." - @nanilevine


"I have NEVER cried watching a music video before EVER in my whole life. Thank you ." - @ItsRiverSkye

"The Daylight video deserves every award, ever." - @FatimaTheScript 

"Wow! Thank you  for making me cry with the music video!   ❤" - @audriemaine


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