Maroon 5's Next Possible Hits for the New Year

Maroon 5 Can Take Over the New Year with New Singles, But What Songs?

From the dance pop song that swept the charts worldwide "Moves Like Jagger" to the No. 1 reggae pop infused jam "One More Night", Maroon 5 has had one of the most successful years as a group this year with the highest grossing single of the year, being "Payphone", and having spent the longest amount of weeks at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, with "Night." With a tour on its way and a new single blowing up the charts, "Daylight", we are predicting what other Maroon 5's songs from the band's new album Overexposed may they continue to dominate 2013 with. Let's have a look

Sure. Maroon 5 took us by surprise when they said that the new album was going to be a pop influenced and dance centered record, but the album's un-touched and pure sound has 12 tracks that scream "single" all over them. While "Payphone", featuring Wiz Khalifa, "One More Night", and "Daylight" have already been released off the album this year, only 10 other possible tracks remain. From what we have seen throughout this year, dance and EDM has taken over the airwaves, but let's not forget the alternative takeover which included fun., Gotye, and Imagine Dragons, who all had very unique singles that took over the top 40 radio charts. That proves that music itself is starting to become more fluent and accepting to new genres and seeking out newer material...and Maroon 5's album does just that, from reggae to pop, from disco to funk.

One song we predict to have an uprising is the bonus track "Wipe Your Eyes." The J.R Rotem-produced funk rock song leaked nearly a whole year ago on January 15, 2012, however it was only the song's demo recording. It still captured the hearts of several new fans, as well as concerned and old fans. The song's approach on pop was more than just Maroon 5's original alternative outlook on pop, but was pure pop. We had gotten a first taste at the band's album was going to possibly sound like. With it's mild success and high anticipation, the song got a make-over on the final version and features a few samples of other songs. Critics loved it, it even charted on the Billboard Hot 100 whilst Overexposed's release... so we had to make this our first possible choice as a single in the new year.


 In September, there was a lot of say what was going to be Maroon 5's next big hit from the new album. Following their soon-to-be 9 week No. 1 Hot 100 hit single, "One More Night", there was word that the heavy and big beat themed "The Man Who Never Lied" was going to play as the third single. Well, a lot of fans were excited to hear that the song was the next single, until news broke that "Daylight" was to take the place of the third single. May I point out that Maroon 5 has never released more than 2 singles in a single year before. "The Man Who Never Lied" has single potential with it's awesome, catchy drum beats and woah's and ah's. It's one of my personal favorites on the album, specially when Overexposed first came out. We think it has single potential, don't you?


 "Lucky Strike." Enough said. One of the... no... THE catchiest Maroon 5 song of the ages. So long "This Love", this one has got you beat. "Strike" is easily the popiest, most funk-formatted song on the whole entire album of Overexposed. That's pretty much all a song has to have. It's short, fun to dance to, easy to sing along with, and cool to sing to your lover of a web chat. "One in a million, my lucky strike."


 One of the more dance driven, pop songs on Overexposed's entirety is "Doin' Dirt", the funky heavy hitting single slaying Max Martin-produced song that everyone exceptionally loves. When it first came out, people easily compared it to the legendary "Moves Like Jagger" single that spent 4 weeks at No. 1 on the Hot 100 last year. It's the danciest dance tune on the album. It would just make sense for it to takeover the middle of 2013.


One of our last suggestions is the song "Beautiful Goodbye." It's the last song on the standard version of Maroon 5's Overexposed album and say a lot about where the L.A-based group stands in music right now. The song stands out from any other on the the whole album, as it is a ballad with piercing drums and a soothing acoustic guitar in the background. Adam Levine carefully takes his melody's and makes them in to a whirlwind of perfection. It's a perfect song to have on the radio and it can have several possibilities for a music video. Potentially, this song deserves more credit.  Check out our other year-end articles below!

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