Maroon 5's Top 5 Biggest Hits of 2012

A Countdown of Maroon 5's Top 5 Biggest Hits of The Year!

Is there anything that Los Angeles natives Maroon 5 can't do? Over the course of the past year the band released their fourth album Overexposed, had a No. 1 single "One More Night", and is tied with "Night" with one of the biggest named in modern day pop music Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" for the most weeks on the No. 1 spot on the Hot 100. Not to mention that they sold over a million copies worldwide this year with the new album, sold out over a dozen venues in less then 10 minutes, and made a historical music video for their newest single "Daylight" that no one has done before.

The year is coming to a close and the New Year is coming. But first, we are counting down the Top 5 biggest and most successful Maroon 5 songs of 2012. Let's take a look at what we've come up with:

5. Daylight 

Maroon 5's third single off of their album Overexposed, was just released for radio airplay last month, and has already put an impact on top 40 radio. The song recently debuted at No. 77 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is creepin' up the Pop Songs chart. "Daylight" is a spectacular soft rock wheelhouse that many compare to Coldplay's earlier hits (such as "Clocks" or "Shiver"). It is most definitely a stand out from all of the other tunes on the album. And with a heart wrenching, sensible music video, just released last week, it is no doubt this song is truly magical. This song is shall continue it's progress in to the new year.

4. Moves Like Jagger (feat. Christina Aguilera)

With it's heavy electropop and disco roots referring to the dance moves of Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, and a catchy whistle tune in the center pierce of this Max Martin and Shellback-produced track, there's no doubt this song is still one of Maroon 5's most successful songs in recent history. Last year, the song became the band's second No. 1 single peaking atop the Billboard Hot 100 for four non-consecutive weeks in the fall, beating out the likes of Adele's "Someone Like You" and Rihanna's "We Found Love", which both in conclusion peaked atop the chart as well. Going in to 2012, the song was still well in the top ten. The song was used in a Samsung commercial recently as well as an ad for the video game Just Dance 4. Let's give a round of applause for Christina Aguilera for achieving her second number-one single in this creation as well. 

3. Wipe Your Eyes

In January, this J.R. Rotem produced track was leaked to the web. No need to fear however, it was just a 2-minute 30-second rough draft of it. The song was a bonus track on Maroon 5's Overexposed, following the songs "Kiss" and "Wasted Years." Upon the album's release, "Eyes" quickly became a big favorite by the fans. In fact, it might even be a single next year. After all, in an interview with Guitar Mag, James Valentine said that he has several ideas for a music video for this particular song. I guess we'll see.

2. One More Night

Despite it's major success in 2012, becoming Maroon 5's third No. 1 single in it's career and being dubbed the year's longest running single to top the Billboard Hot 100 (shared with "Call me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen, of course, for 9 weeks), it falls short at number-two on our top five list. Why? Another particular song about pay phones kind of swept the top spot. We'll get to that in a sec though. Maroon 5 has finally tapped in to island music, creating this pierce of awesomeness mixing reggae with pop. The song is an upbeat, faintly reggae-tingled about a bad influence on Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine can't seem to shake off. "I cross my heart and I hope to die, that I'll only stay with you one more night" is the lyric that captured everyone's attention and made this song one of the biggest in 2012. Even though the single was released on June 19, 2012... it took a while for the single to catch up with ever body else. Plus, it has the only video of the year that has someone kicking ass in boxing.

1. Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

Let's go back to when the song was announced on The Ellen DeGeneruous Show. Levine said the song's featured artist was Phili-rapper Wiz Khalifa, which made every body think... "that is so not Maroon 5." And they're right. It isn't. However, it never hurt to try new things. This experimental pop rap fix relative to those of Gym Class Heroes' "Stereo Hearts" and K'Naan's "Bang Bang" became an overall success. "Payphone" was released in April, 2012, and sold over 490,000 digital copies online within the single's first week of being released. That's the most a single has sold in it's debut week... of the year. With a rockin' music video that involves poor Adam Levine and a lady co-worker escaping a bank robbery with bullets and guns galore, police chases, car explosions, and well... cell phone failures... this song got what it deserves. A peak at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and a month atop the Digital Songs chart. That's what's up. 

Well that's our top 5 list of Maroon 5's biggest hits of 2012. We hope you agreed. I'm sure you loved the addition of "Wipe Your Eyes" and "Moves Like Jagger." Unexpected, yet true.

We'll be back next week with a list of suggestions of what should Maroon 5's upcoming singles be for the new year! Maybe "Eyes" or "Lucky Strike"? Who knows. You have to help us out with that!

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