Melanie Martinez, Amanda Brown Say Goodbye to The Voice

Melanie Martinez performing "Crazy" on The Voice (Dec. 3)
Adam Levine Looses Brown & Martinez on The Voice, Out of the Race

Adam Levine joins coach Christina Aguilera on the sidelines as contestants Melanie Martinez and Amanda Brown were both sent home on NBC's The Voice tonight (Tue, Dec. 4).

After a night of unbelievable performances from Team Adam on the show last night, Martinez and Brown both entered the top ten on the iTunes Store charts with their covers. Melanie sang "The Show" last night and had one of the best stage set ups of the ENTIRE SEASON. One of Amanda's performances last night included her cover of "A Natural Women."

However, tonight, both of Adam's contestants packs their bags tonight. In honor, here are videos of the artists performing:

Download Melanie's "The Show" on iTunes:

Download Amanda Brown's "Natural Woman" on iTunes as well:


  1. I’m enjoying The Voice this season and it gets better with each passing episode. I was surprised that Melanie was eliminated next to Amanda which caught me off guard. I think the live performances are the best on The Voice and the final four have lots of work to remain on the show. I’m a primetime junkie and I enjoy all the shows, I’m sure glad I upgraded to the DISH Hopper DVR. This awesome DVR will allow me to get PrimeTime Anytime, which records the four major networks every night. My coworker at DISH suggested I get it to enhance my TV experience and make everyone happy. I used to have a mess at home, with all of my DVRs recording primetime shows and my family stuck with recordings. Now I can get all my shows sent to one TV and my families free to watch what they want on theirs, which makes everyone happy.


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