Adam Levine on SNL: What the Critics Are Saying

'The Voice' Coach Makes Hosting Debut and Pleases Many Critics

Adam Levine made his big hosting debut on Saturday Night Live last night (Jan. 26) on NBC and did more than just a fine job. In fact, it caught the attention of many critics and news renders. Let's take a look at what everyone thought of the Maroon 5 lead singer's stint.

New York Times

The New York Times weighed in on what they thought about one of the most anticipated episode's of the season last night. They called Adam Levine one of the 'hottest rockers to become a host' on the show. "It's crazy to think that someone who has only been on reality TV can pursue such acting on Saturday Night Live." Later comparing the episode to Bruno Mars' hosting episode, they said "Adam Levine's masculine body adds up for all of the conceptual acting however, something Bruno Mars didn't need."

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone magazine quickly engaged on their thoughts on the first timer's episode last night. Editor and publisher Logan Nicklaus said it "reminded him of high school" when hot and slightly attractive frontmen of bands and hip hop rappers starred on Saturday Night Live. "Adam Levine took to the stage for his monologue, dapper in a suit, yet perfectly unshaven. But perhaps in his week with the SNL writers, at some point he realized that he badly needed to hide his insecurities."

Huffington Post

The guys of the Huffington Post seemed slightly convinced that Adam Levine was simply looking for another way to exert his attention in a comedic view, as a slight cry for attention. "So, here's what we learned last night: Adam Levine is not a particularly good "SNL" host," the article began. "Levine certainly didn't phone it in but, like many a musical guest-turned-host before him, this just really didn't work out. At least he gave a nice effort though." Their comment on the 'Maroon 5 and Train' sketch was rather amusing: It just had "this should be much better" written all over it. Sure, Levine is a good sport to mock his own musical stylings. But, in the end, nothing really happened."

Watch the introduction Adam Levine gave from last night's episode here:


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