Love Somebody: 3 Hints As to If It's the Next Video

Maroon 5's Next Video & Single Might Be "Love Somebody"?

Maroon 5's on the go with their newest single "Daylight", from their fourth studio set Overexposed, which was released just a few months ago for radio airplay, and a music video that dropped right before the holidays, so what's the controversy of the "Love Somebody" music video shoot?

We got you're answers.

Personally, I don't have any resources stating that "Love Somebody" is indeed the next single and the next video, however there are clues as to how it just might be.

Instagram Leak? Adam Levine and Jeff Dotson

A photo of Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine and director and long time music video screenplay writer Jeffrey Dotson was uploaded to photo sharing network Instagram earlier today (Jan 18) using hash tags #adamlevine #maroon5 #fistpump #behindthescenes. BIG CLUE.

Adam Levine covered in blue with a model

Sir Adam Levine was on the set of the (supposed video) shoot with a model. Who exactly? Her name is Emily Ratajkowski which is apparently played as the partner in the love-hate relationship on the music video.

A band performance from a Behind the Scenes perspective.

We can see a glimpse of Maroon 5 drummer Matt Flynn in this clear cut shot which was uploaded to an Adam Levine fan site earlier this week. We get a behind the scenes view and perspective of this shot of the making of the new video.

Well there you have it. All of the suspicious, visible clues we've kept getting feed to this week. It's safe to say there's a music video shoot going on, but is it for "Love Somebody"? Or is it for what some think is for the funk rock song "Ladykiller"? We'll have to see.

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