Maroon 5's Top 5 Sexiest Singles

Maroon 5's Top 5 Sexiest Songs Counted Down for You

Maroon 5 is well known for their sexy and sly lyrics and smooth sounds on petty much the majority of their songs, but what are the best of the best? According to your suggestions and our opinions, we've came up with the Top 5 sexiest Maroon 5 singles in the songbook. From the dance heavy Christina Aguilera-assisted "Moves Like Jagger" to the sexy and slow acoustics of "Secret", we've got the countdown.

Let's do this, shall we? With Valentine's Day coming around the corner we figured this would be an appropriate countdown for everyone.

5. "Doin' Dirt" by Maroon 5 (Adam Levine, Johan "Shellback" Karl Schuster) from Overexposed

Kicking off the top 5 sexiest songs in the band's history we thought we'd start out with a new track. "Doin' Dirt" is an electronic and dance heavy produced track written by Adam Levine and music engineer Shellback for the band's fourth CD Overexposed. The song's irresistible guitar-cliques and Adam's crooner-esque angelic voice makes the song that much more sexy already; with lyrics such as "Hold me / we’re dancin’ in the dark of the night / you’re shinin’ like a neon light / I light you up when I get inside" and "So won’t you touch me ‘cuz everybody’s watching us now / we’re puttin’ on a show for the crowd / so turn it up, baby make it loud." It's known to be the sister-track to the band's 2011 No. 1 single "Moves Like Jagger." The tune screams "single" but I suppose we will just have to see. In an interview with Billboard, guitarist James Valentine talked about Maroon 5's new album saying "Our album is extremely more pop than ever and our lyrics are definetaly more mature on this one."

4. "Wake Up Call" by Maroon 5 (Adam Levine, James Valentine) from It Won't Be Soon Before Long

"Wake Up Call" is undeniably one of Maroon 5's most intuitive and sexy song's to have an intense story line such as this one. The single's funk rock and soulful sound brings out the story of a troubled man sexually frustrated in dealing with an untrustworthy and attractive older woman. In the song's music video, directed by Jonus Akerlund, Adam Levine and model-and-actress Kimberly Smith play the couple while Hollywood actor Jeremy Sisto plays the man the women cheats with on Adam's character. "Wake up call / caught you in the morning with another one in my bed" Adam crooned through the chorus of the song.

3. "Give a Little More" by Maroon 5 (Levine, Carmichael, Valentine) from Hands All Over

From the band's third studio album, Hands All Over, comes just one of the many sexy and lovely songs Maroon 5 has written and recorded. And that song is "Give a Little More." The catchy, fast-phased single samples a magnitude of electro rock and funk rock influences, as like any other classic M5 track. Some sexy lyrics include "I’m not fallin’ in love / till I get a little more from you baby, ohoh get a little more from you baby" and "If I have no defense I know you’re gonna get me in the end and I can not pretend I ever wanna feel this way again."

2. "The Sun" by Maroon 5 (Jesse Carmichael, Adam Levine) from Songs About Jane

Songs About Jane's very own "The Sun" may have only been popular throughout Maroon 5's first major tour around the world, but it is a song notably loved by all of the band's biggest fans and followers. The song's sexiest part is when the chorus cuts off in to the bridge and Adam Levine croons "The rhythm of her conversation / the perfection of her creation / the sex she slipped into my coffee / the way she felt when she first saw me." The verse then easily flows in to the next singing "Hate to love and love to hate her like a broken record player / back and forth and here and gone and on and on and on and on" as Adam's vocals ascend in to a perfect high note.

1. "Secret" by Maroon 5 (Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael) from Songs About Jane

And here we have it! The number-one sexiest Maroon 5 song in the books. "Secret." An original Adam Levine and Jesse Carmichael partnership piece of music. It stands out completely from the band's debut album Songs About Jane, a few tracks above "The Sun." The song starts out with an seemingly uncomfortable noise than leads in to a more likely un-tuned acoustic guitar and ratchet drums. Doesn't seem sexy to you? Well you'd just have to take a listen for yourself. Adam Levine starts the song out with "Watch the sunrise say your goodbyes off we go / some conversation / no contemplation hit the road." Later, the song takes a toll and heads in to a whirlwind of undeniable vocals sung by Adam: "Cool these engines calm these jets I ask you how hot can it get / and as you wipe off beads of sweat slowly you say I’m not there yet."

There you have it! The top 5 sexiest songs by Maroon 5! We have tapped all of the band's four studio albums. Look out on Valentine's Day for our Top 5 Undeniable Love Songs countdown! See you then..

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  1. There are missing two songs Wasted Years and Kiwi.
    Wasted Years: "You touch me there because you know how much I like that".
    Kiwi: "A stronger and a faster lover" / "Your juices dripping down my chin, So please, let me, Don’t stop it before it begins"


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