Owl City Talks About 'Overexposed Tour'

Owl City singer talks about hitting the road with Maroon 5

Adam Young of Owl City is not only currently on tour with Maroon 5 and Neon Trees, he also just sang the end sequence to Disney's new animated film, The Croods. We got to chat with Adam over the phone to hear all about it!

Adam worked on "Shine Your Way" with some talented people. "It's a collaboration between myself, the wonderful Malaysian Yuna and the film composers for The Croods, Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard."

The film makers approached Adam a few months back, "The film is about the first modern family who has to find their way despite the obstacles that are stacked against them," said Adam. "We want you to sing it and maybe add some production to the track."

Having to be a huge fan of Alan and animated films, "I grew up watching The Jungle Book and The Arisocats," Adam told us. "Learning how to use my imagination and daydream, maybe not see the world as it always appears."

Day dreaming (and hard work) has gotten Adam to where he is today, but that doesn't mean he's forgotten his start. "There's still something about the song "Fireflies" that I wrote and put out a couple years ago," he told us. Oh we definitely remember that song!

"For some reason it connected with so many people that I never imagined or intended," said Adam, "It's really a weird whimsical song and it was written for me and no body else." But boy are we glad the world got to hear it! "We play that song every night and every body knows every word and that's a special thing," he added.

Now that music has taken up all, if not most of Adam's time, how would his life be without it? "My life would probably be a place where I wouldn't be too thrilled to get up every day because a few years ago that's where it was," Adam shared.

"It wasn't a crazy sob story," started Adam, "But I was working at a job I hated and going to school, getting really bad grades and feeling stuck there. If I wasn't doing music now, I'd probably be back there, working at a gas station maybe."

Instead of working at a gas station, Adam is touring the world. "This has been a really long run, we left in February and we're still out," he told us, "It's so cool, playing with Maroon 5 and Neon Trees. I feel like I get to see a free show every night."


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