The Voice Knockouts Recap: Caroline Glaser, Judith Hill & More Make It Through to 'Team Adam'

Adam Levine as a coach on The Voice.
The Voice says goodbye to Midas Whale, Amy Whitcomb, Orlando Dixon, and Warren Stone in the Knockout Rounds

The first pairing of the night started with Adam Levine's team. Pop singer Amber Carrington sang the punk rock song "I'm With You" by Avril Lavigne while folk rock duo Midas Whale performed a Stevie Wonder track. After the rest of the coaches favored Carrington's performance over Midas Whale's, coach Adam Levine ended up choosing Amber to go to the next round.

Next time around, contestants Amy Lynn Whitcomb sang "House of the Rising Sun" by folk rock band The Animals and Caroline Glaser performed the indie pop song "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men. After a hard decision from Adam Levine, he had chose Caroline Glaser to go to the live rounds.

On the third time around  sir Adam Levine chose Judith Hill and R&B and soul singer Orlando Dixon. Judith sang "Always On My Mind" by Willie Nelson and Orlando Dixon performed K-Ci and JoJo's single "All My Life." In the end after the two gave one of the most incredible performances of the the night, coach Adam had chosen Judith Hill to go the live rounds.

By the fourth and final time for the night, Adam Levine had picked contestants Warren Stone and Sarah Simmons. Sarah Simmons chose to perform the Rolling Stones single "Wild Horses" while Stone picked the rock song "Can't Give Me Love." Adam made a a tough decision to chose Sarah Simmons to go on to the live rounds.

Next week, The Voice will move on to the live rounds! Make sure you tune in to NBC next Monday and Tuesday and 8:00/7:00pm CPT on NBC!


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