James Valentine Says New Album Could Be Out as 'Early as 2014'

James Valentine performing with Maroon 5 on the 2013 U.S. Overexposed tour
The Maroon 5 guitarist says the band's Overexposed follow-up record could come out "as early as 2014"

In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine spilled news about the Los Angeles pop rock group's progress on their planned fifth studio album. 

When asked about keyboardist Jesse Carmichael's return to the band he said:

"We figured that was the most simple way to do it," Valentine explains. "It's an unusual sort of thing, I guess, but there's no clear rules as to how to do that. I think it's completely understandable he wanted to get off the carousel for a second, but I do get the impression that he's eager to get back and it's safe to say that the album will be out as soon as next year."

You can read the full article by clicking the link below via Billboard:

Watch the band's music video for their latest single "Love Somebody" below:


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