Maroon 5 Hits 5M Followers: Top 5 Tweets

Maroon 5 in 2010.
Maroon 5's account on Twitter has reached 5 Million followers since it launched in 2009

It's no doubt that pop rock band Maroon 5 is arguably the biggest and most popular band in the music industry right now and that's why it's no shock these guys had just reached 5,000,000 followers on their Twitter account this week.

We're giving you the biggest and best tweets from user name @Maroon5 for you today! Check them out:

5. We were all excited to see some of the first ever recorded footage of the band recording their first hit single "This Love" in 2001. This tweet has received 263 retweets and 134 favorites to date.

4. In March of last year, he band took it to Twitter to announce the big news that they were releasing their 'fourth record' titled #Overexposed on June 26th of last year. The tweet to date has gotten 2,040 retweets and 371 favorites.

3. Way back in June 2009, singer Adam Levine didn't have his own Twitter account to share his randomized thoughts with us, so here he is tweeting about life, chat rooms, and vomit parties. To date, this tweet has received only 13 retweets and 26 favorites.

2. Adam Levine took it to Twitter later on in 2009 to admit his love and hate relationship with the social network. Here, Levine convinces everyone to construed and fall in to the deep, dark obsession that is Twitter. Today, it has gotten 63 retweets and 8 favorites.

1. It looks like Jimmy V has got our pick for our favorite tweet on Maroon 5's account. Ever. James made the band's first ever tweet on the account stating that he was sick and was watching the Lakers. Probably with Adam Levine. This tweet has gotten... 57 retweets and 53 favorites.


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