Tony Lucca Talks About 'New EP' Out Tomorrow

'Voice' alum & 222 Records signer talks about his new EP album and his journey through music

Tony Lucca published a blog post on his official Tumblr page this afternoon about his inspirations and his long journey through making music. He explains how it was working with Adam Levine and being inspired by his past, present, and future. 

Lucca will release his new EP album 'With the Whole World Watching' tomorrow on iTunes Store.

You can read his note here:

so, tomorrow’s the big day. well, it’s one of them. the new EP comes out on iTunes. can’t lie, I’m pretty stoked about this one. apparently, they just played a clip of the video on E! News. how cool! yeah. it’s fixing to be a pretty big deal, this release. it’s been a pretty interesting road in getting here. after all the hype of having been on The Voice, the questions about working with Adam Levine, let alone all the Mickey Mouse Club nostalgia/controversy. wow. once again it all comes down to some songs, on a record, with a release date, some PR, as much social media as folks can stomach, and fingers tightly crossed that it takes on the kind of ‘life of its own’ you always dream about. 

at the very least, releases are good mile markers. they allow you to reset the clock and clear the slate, if you will. they become a way of recalling the various chapters you’ve persevered through. you can think back to girlfriends, hairstyles, cars you might have owned, they all tell your story in some strange, abstract sequence. and then there’s the records. the songs, the inspirations, the stories. they play out like a subconscious soundtrack, an old mix tape or scrapbook you thumb through every time you move. 

this one’s got me reflecting on the range of emotions I’ve been through in the past couple years since my last release. it’s got me hopeful in a new way and proud in a way that trumps any and all expectations. I really dig this EP. I’d like to think I’d be a fan of it even if I wasn’t invested. my kids dig it, I suppose that says something. they’ve become some rather tough critics as of late. that damn pop radio is really getting to their brains. mine too? I don’t know. 

hope you all dig the new tunes. can’t wait to see as many of you out there as possible! 

happy release day, y’all! 

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