James Valentine Says 'New Album' Keeps Changing in Sound

Maroon 5 at the Green Ball in 2009.

Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine says that the band's fifth album's sound "keeps changing"

James Valentine has been talking about Maroon 5's upcoming fifth studio album's sound recently in interviews with Billboard magazine, and this time it sounds like the sound for the new album is varying between 'darker and newer' sounds.

"I thought I had a handle on that, but it kind of keeps changing," Valentine says with a laugh. "There was a first batch of songs that seemed like they were darker and maybe a little more organic-sounding, but now there's some other songs that... it's hard to describe, and I think we're going to really find out where it's going in the next few months."

He says that the sound of the new album could be anywhere from that of the sound of their debut studio album Songs About Jane, which he says was a "darker" sound, and a newer pop sound. 

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