Maroon 5 Slides Closer to the No. 1 Spot on Pop Songs Chart

Maroon 5 in 2012 during the promotion of Overexposed. 
"Love Somebody" creeps up closer to No. 1 this week as it is behind Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" on the Pop Songs chart

This week, Maroon 5's hit single "Love Somebody" is making a small move closer atop the Pop Songs and Radio Songs charts on Billboard. However, with the big-time debuts of pop stars Lady Gaga and Katy Perry's new singles ("Applause" and "Roar"), the band among other charting artists have tumbled down the charts this week as well. "Love Somebody" creeps closer moving from Nos. 4-3 on the Radio Songs chart this week as it moves up 3-2 on the Pop Songs chart, falling behind Robin Thicke's No. 1 hit single "Blurred Lines" featuring T.I. and Pharrell Williams.

On other chart notes, "Love Somebody" descends 10-13 off the Billboard Hot 100's top 10 this week, declines 18-21 on the Digital Songs chart, stays put at No. 11 on the Adult Contemporary Songs chart, and falls a spot from 3-4 on the Adult Pop Songs chart, in which 3 weeks ago used to top the AP40. 

The band's previous No. 1 single "Daylight" looks strong this week on the Adult Contemporary Songs chart as it slides up a spot to No. 5.

Maroon 5's fourth studio album Overexposed falls this week on the U.S. Billboard 200 albums chart from Nos. 44-46 after a huge 11-mark jump last week. 

Chart updates:

Hot 100:

"Love Somebody" falls 10-13

Billboard 200:

Overexposed falls 44-46

Radio Songs:

"Love Somebody" slides up 4-3

Digital Songs:

"Love Somebody" declines 18-21

Pop Songs:

"Love Somebody" jumps 3-2

Adult Contemporary:

"Daylight" moves up 6-5
"Love Somebody" stays at No. 11

Adult Pop Songs:

"Love Somebody" falls 3-4


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