'The Voice' Live Recap: Adam, Cee Lo & Xtina Score Big on Premiere Night

Adam Levine on The Voice in 2013.

The Voice coaches battled it out on the first night of blind auditions on the season 5 premiere

While its direct competitor The X Factor flops around like a fish on a dock, and grand dame American Idol searches for a bucket to bail out the gallons of water left by Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj’s tiresome infighting, NBC’s reality singing competition is gliding through the water like a brainier Ryan Lochte (minus the “JEAH!”-ing and the water-logged docuseries).

There’s the record 15.3 million viewers for its June 2013 finale. There’s Sunday night’s Emmy win as Best Reality-Competition Series. And best of all, there’s tonight’s Season 5 premiere, so laden with genuine talent that Adam Levine found himself declaring “I felt like we were at the end of the season!” — after only the third audition.

Things are so good right now in the House That Willed Cassadee Pope to Victory that even when things go awry — as in the case of solid but unspectacular Texas teen Jake Worthington — rejection is met with an open smile and an “I’m just so happy to be here!”

Sure, sure, I’m probably over-enthusiastic thanks to the fact that one of tonight’s most exciting prospects — 54-year-old Donna Allen — is a happy inhabitant of my iPod with her saucy 1987 R&B hit “Serious." But even without that personal rooting interest, it’d be hard not to catch the same kind of good vibrations from Season 5 that Xtina herself attempted to hijack from three-time champ Blake Shelton in the middle of tonight’s festivities.

The Voice might seem more absolutely-positively-must-see if all the investment and time and voting led to a winner who actually ended up at the top of the charts, but not every party needs to lead to some Higher Purpose. Sometimes you’ve got to just relax, sip your sauv blanc and enjoy what’s unfolding in front of your eyes.

Watch The Voice tomorrow on NBC at 8/7pm CT!


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