Maroon 5 Confirm 'We Have Strength In Numbers' Tour Later This Year

Maroon 5 performing at Rodeo Houston in March 2014.
Maroon 5 have confirmed a tour to happen later this year worldwide, sources say

Earlier this week, Maroon 5 performed a concert at the annual Rodeo Houston show in Houston where bassist Mickey Madden and guitarist James Valentine were interviewed by the media crew. When asked by an eager Maroon 5 fan over Twitter about the band embarking on a tour in the coming months, Madden responded stating "before the end of the year, but nothing's set in stone, yet." 

Today (Sat, March 15), a newsletter was sent out to fan club members over at S.I.N. saying that the band will be embarking on a worldwide tour later this year. 

"MAROON 5 is taking their live show to cities around the world this year," the announcement stated straight away in the letter. "...the SIN Club aims to keep you in step with the band." But we would like to keep everyone informed on the official announcement. 

There are no confirmed tour dates or venue destinations as of today. Is it possible that this newly-brewed worldwide tour will be in support of the band's fifth album?

A photo surfaced on Twitter from user @ricelevine of the announcement from the email. Check it out.


  1. Come back to Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach, Virginia. Great Show in Summer 2013!!

  2. Come to INDIA, Mumbai! Please
    We're waiting for you.

  3. Germany, especially Hamburg or Berlin, but at least Germany..

  4. Orlando, Tampa and West Palm beach Florida. Tampa and West Palm were back to back...Yes, I got to see Maroon 5 two nights in a row....I'm a lucky girl with a wonderful husband who made me feel like a Rockstar...

  5. I tried to get to Ireland too, but it didn't work out this time. There's always next year...

  6. P please come to Phoenix Arizona Stacy Hamby

  7. I love you Adam Levine please come to Phoenix Arizona it would be a blessing
    please come to Phoenix Arizona Phoenix Arizona Phoenix Arizona we love you Adam

  8. we love you maroon 5 I've loved you guys since long long time ago all of your music is amazing every song is different and unique in its1 in a 1,000,000 a lot of artists sound the same you guys are like the new journey but of course with Adam Levine you're amazing you got a great personality you don't take all the sexiest man alive but you are to heart you're sweet and yeah I love that you have a beautiful girlfriend you seem to be very happy and very successful just wanna let you know I am a big big fan you're amazing youre definitely one of the million and you always be remembered you will go down in history and you will make your mark maroon 5 is number one we love you forever


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