James Valentine Says Every Song on 'V' is 'Really Good'

James Valentine in 2012.
Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine sends out a few tweets about V's exciting upbringing

James Valentine took it to Twitter yesterday (Fri, May 30) to say a thing or two about his band Maroon 5's upcoming fifth studio effort, titled V.

After celebrating his sister and Project Runway stars' birthday, he tweeted out saying that he "just came from the studio and every song on the record is really good." Valentine then further tweeted out an appreciation tweet giving a shout out to all the producers who have worked with Maroon 5 on the new album, saying "We're very lucky to have the privilege of working with some of the producers on the planet. Learning a lot every day."

The musician then replied to some fans following the first two posted yesterday. One fan asked why the band's fifth album was titled "V", and James was quick to respond stating "V for Valentine, duh." Another fan questioned if Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine's song "Lost Stars" (from the upcoming motion picture soundtrack of the film Begin Again) will be featured on V and Valentine responded saying "No, but there will be a very special performance coming soon." Hinting at some more exciting news. He was asked by an eager fan how Valentine personally pronounced the new M5 album as he replied saying "I've kind of been saying both "V" and "five.""

A few weeks ago, Maroon 5 announced that the band new album, V will be set for a September 2 release through Interscope and that a single will be released sometime this summer. A tour is scheduled to begin this fall in partnership with Live Nation and Interscope.


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