Maroon 5 Expected to Release New Single Next Month

Maroon 5 may release the lead single to their album V in June

Maroon 5 are expected to release a new single sometime in the coming weeks.

Last week, Maroon 5 issued big news about their highly anticipated fifth studio album, V, which is set for a September 2 release through Interscope Records. However, comparing this album's cycle to the band's previous eras, we can almost predict exactly when the Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum group will drop a new single for the album.

Looking at Maroon 5's third album Hands All Over's phase cycle, we see the release of it's lead single "Misery" on June 22 and the album's release set for a September 21 release just almost approximately 3 months later. Now, if we compared this album to V's possible cycle, we could expect a new single on the dates of June 3, June 10, or June 17, almost approximately three months prior to the fifth album's release on September 2. 

However, if we compare V's album cycle to Maroon 5's fourth studio album, Overexposed's cycle, we could possibly be waiting a whole month longer for a lead single. In 2012, the band dropped Overexposed's lead "Payphone", featuring Wiz Khalifa on April 17 just two months before the album's releae date for June 26 that summer. If V's cycle would mimic that of Overexposed's, we could possibly see a new single on either July 8, July 15, or July 22. 

And maybe to compare previous album cycles prior to 2010 to Maroon 5's new album's cycle would be good-for-nothing considering that 2007's It Won't Be Soon Before Long had a lead single "Makes Me Wonder" that dropped on April 1, almost only a month before it's parent album release on May 16 and that Songs About Jane's (June 25, 2002) album cycle had it's lead single "Harder to Breathe" (July 9, 2002) set after the album's release. 

But in Maroon 5's press release regarding V's album release date and upcoming supporting tour, it was confirmed that fans could expect a new single from the band "this summer." 

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