Adam Levine Talks About 'Maps', New Album With The Morning Mash Up

Adam Levine and James Valentine of Maroon 5 with the interns at Sirius Radio on June 24.
Adam Levine and James Valentine stopped in to Sirius XM's Hits 1 to talk about new music & Levine's teen years

Adam Levine and James Valentine gave an interview to the radio show Morning Mash Up this Tuesday (June 26). Adam talks about his childhood and how he was always "that one good kid" saying: "I just was grounded once by doing one bad thing. I wasn't a bad kid. I've never been punished for really anything, except when I had a party at my house. "

Also talking about Maroon 5's newest single "Maps" he claims that "[...] when I hear 'Maps', I get a little anxious because it's too high for me, and actually, it was a half-step higher than that. And I was like, 'guys, this is Alvin and the Chipmunks, I can't do the "evolution as composers."' We didn't know until the Maroon 5 music composition. Some people are born with this ability to write songs that are perfect all the time and we had to try different things and try different styles. It took a long time, but we started so young that I think when we were 20 years ago, more or less, we found something that was good for our band. "

Adam Levine on being a rock-star: "Becoming a [rockstar] is all I ever wanted. If there are several things that have to happen to you, you have to believe that will happen.I believed I had the talent and ability to win."

Listen to the interview's with The Morning Mash-Up below:


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