Adam Levine Talks About Maroon 5's Sacred Name on Letterman

Adam Levine talked with David Letterman about Maroon 5's secret reason behind the name on the Late Show

Adam Levine stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman last night (Mon, June 23) to speak about the new season of The Voice and it's red chairs, the provocative story behind the secret behind Maroon 5's name, and how Billy Joel got Adam Levine to tell him the meaning behind it.

Levine had stopped by the Live with Kelly and Michael Show earlier yesterday afternoon to speak about his engagement and the new Maroon 5 single, "Maps", which dropped last Monday. Watch the interview here.

Adam came dapper in a shiny purple suit, possibly inspired by the wonderful Minnesota pop star Prince, as he sat comfortably on David Letterman's guest chair to talk about mainly the meaning behind Maroon 5's oh-so-sacred name. After being asked if Levine has ever told anyone the story behind the band's name outside of the band, Levine replied with "Um, I did. I've told one person [...] his name's Billy Joel." Letterman quickly responded with "Oh I'm not calling him." Adam then recalled that the story was "so boring" that Billy Joel possibly doesn't remember the dumbered down sotory anyways.

Watch the interview below:

Part 2:


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