Maroon 5's Eclectic New Song 'It Was Always You' Leaks

Adam Levine (Maroon 5) performing in 2013.
Maroon 5's newest single "It Was Always You" leaks a day before V's pre-order

If you like Phil Collins and Maroon 5's single "Love Somebody" then you'll dig "It Was Always You."

Last week, rumors spread like wild fire that Maroon 5 would release their next single, "It Was Always You", tomorrow (Tues, July 29), to go along with pre-orders for the new Maroon 5 album, V. However, today on Tumblr the single leaked a day before expected. 

You can listen to "It Was Always You" below:

Download Maroon 5's single "Maps" on iTunes:

Also, vote for Maroon 5's "Maps" for Choice Rock Song at the TCA's:


  1. The song sucks. When you listen to it, do you REALLY feel like you're listening to maroon 5? Just because adam sings?!?! And he doesn't sing his own way. Maps was good but this....a bad copy of love somebody which is on its own not the best at all...

    1. I do infact feel as though that I'm listening to maroon 5, adam sings because he is the lead singer, we've always heard the higher tone of his voice, this song is just introducing his lower vocal capabilities. If you listen to love somebody it is actually totally different, his may be your own opinion but personally I think they have done a great job of all their albums and this up and coming album is going to be one of their best! They're a band, they're allowed to experiment with their music, it's their band, not yours.

    2. This song is AMAZING.
      You need to open your heart and mind to new ideas.
      Maroon 5's about to make a fucking killing with this new album.

    3. I am a huge fan of them indeed I know every song and every note quite better than they actually could do. When I hear a new song from them I recognize if it's all different totally or has something typical of maroon 5, and this freakin hasn't. It's just adam singing, and I'm alright with that, james playing guitar, and the other members sitting to nothing. External producers along with sam ferrar mixed a couple of synths and beats and the song was done. Maroon 5 is maroon 5, this is adam+james+other producers. They didn't even try to write a g*ddamn song on an album since 2010. Do i have to say more?

  2. i need his high tone better...but nice try


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