Adam Levine Talks About 'Sugar', Working With Dr. Luke & Proactiv

Photo by Mel Melcon of the Los Angeles Times.
Adam Levine talked with Feedzilla about his several careers in music and finance

Mikael Wood, who writes about pop music in it's ever-quickening splendor, talked with Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine about the new album, V, Levine's somewhat failing fragrance line, his K-Mart collection, Proactiv commercial, his stint on The Voice, and several of his other career paths.

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When asked about Maroon 5 working with outside writers on the album, Overexposed, and writing with Max Martin and Benny Blanco, Levine replied saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Honestly, it's a huge relief for me, because for a long time it felt like making an album was this daunting task, and I had to be at the center of it. It wasn't fun anymore."

After being asked about working with pop-sensation producer Dr. Luke on the song "Sugar", from the new album V, Adam said "The second I heard that song, I was totally blown away. It was a really cool opportunity to go in a direction that I've always wanted to go in — kind of bridging the gap between things that I love about soul and funk and Prince but also very poppy. I'd never been able to quite master that idea."

Wood also brought up the topic of Adam Levine's stint he did with acne-resolving company Proactiv. "I had horrible cystic acne all over my face when I was 14 years old. If I was one of these people who've done [a Proactiv commercial] who'd never had a zit in their life — where they had to paint one on their face — I wouldn't have done it. It wouldn't have made any sense."

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